Art Tipaldi - Editor, Blues Revue Magazine
"AWEK’s Rich And Famous an international winner. Like the finest American blues bands, AWEK features a two fisted guitar and harmonica attack. [...]"

Blues Revue 20th Anniversary, 2010
 Art Tipaldi

"Gritty Chicago harmonica, assertive, yet stylish guitarist, and polished originals which accurately cover American blues styles from Chicago's south side to gritty Texas shuffles to West coast jump make this record by the 
French band Awek is an international winner."

Blues Matters (2010 september)

Soul Bag (2012 june) 

"A 4-star rating"

Blues Magazine (2012 june)
"Coup de coeur"

Press is unanimous !

"Rich & Famous"

N°1  Powerblues CRB Blues 2012 june.

"It's Rollin
"A 4-star rating" for "It's Rollin'..." in XROADS magazine for April 2010.
"It's rollin" was the most frequently played album on the CRB for 2010.

"Burnin' Wire on South Lamar" 
N°1  Powerblues CRB Blues 2007 november.

"Just Pick Up The Pieces" 
N°1  Powerblues CRB 2005.

"Messin' with the blues",
Best cd 2004 by CRB Blues.