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It's above all 29 exciting years around a project that was supposed to last only a few months !
This strange name is the proof since it comes from nowhere, or rather from a laughing
party during a well-watered meal in the summer of 94...

A HUEC'' in Occitan, means "all the way", without restraint, without concession, such was our motto
from the first meeting. It still is today !

Power trio for 10 years and quartet for 19 years, the group has quietly forged a reputation
to naturally impose itself as a sure value of the Blues scene.
In spite of many ups and downs, AWEK is still here but an important page of our history will soon be turned !
Indeed, Bernard Sellam, our singer and guitarist, has decided to stop the adventure for other horizons,
at the end of this year 2022.

As for us (Joël Ferron, Stéphane Bertolino and Olivier Trebel), we wished to continue the path.
This is a big challenge, but AWEK remains more than ever alive and has not said its last word, let's face it!

The indomitable Fabrice JOUSSOT will be our future travelling companion and in a way, our new "spokesman".

We strongly hope that you will keep your support, your encouragements and even your help for some,
so that we can fully celebrate our 30 years at the end of 2024 and even more if affinities!...




AWEK n°1 : The Collectif des Radios Blues presents the May POWERBLUES 

Teaser New Cd!


AWEK is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their 12th album, AWEK.
2020 was a trying year for most of us, and although we missed performing live, we found a silver lining to the lockdown. It afforded us the time to reflect, write, rehearse, and finally to record.

This CD showcases AWEK’s rich style and diversity with its’ varied melodies, rhythms, and tempos. After more than 26 years together, from the first note to the last, AWEK continues to deliver authentic blues.

We look forward to playing live again soon, but until then, we hope you enjoy the CD!

For customers in United States, we highly recommand to buy our Cd's

at DWM Music Company

About the new cd

Awek in front of 4,000 people during concert with Victor Hugo's Symphony Orchestra conducted by the great Jean-François Verdier.

Report by Diversions

"An all-round cracking album and well worth a punt of anyone's hard earned cash.
This album is quite beautiful to listen to irrespective of your mood, and adds je ne sais quoi to the French interpretation of the blues style"

   Stéphane Bertolino plays Hohner harmonicas

July 2019

"Bernard Sellam is in possession of a gruff enough blues voice to go along with his imaginative skills on guitar. Stephane Bertolino's in your face harmonica
playing is at no loss at delivering a slew of inventive runs. AWEK's rhythm section of Joel Ferron on bass and Olivier Trebel on drums is up on the task and following the guys at every turn. Every song is chock full of great guitar and harmonica riffing.
True blues lovers will be in blues heaven.