"Let's Party Down" (2019)
Recorded in November 2019 at Greaseland Studio in California,this album is both polished and fun!Awek was joined in the studio by some of today’s best musicians, including Rusty Zinn, Bob Welsh, Chris Burns, RW Grigsby, Drew Davies and Kid Andersen.
The bonus CD will give you a taste of the Awek experience. Spanning 22  years, from 1995 - 2017, these live tracks capture the energy and authenticity of these four talented musicians.

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 "Long Distance" (2017)
Recorded in Austin TX, Toulouse and Angers, France. An homage to those artists who influenced the band (Johnny Guitar Watson, Jimmy McCracklin, Muddy Waters, BB King).
Special Guest : Fred Kaplan, Derek O'Brien, Julien Brunetaud.

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 "9" (2015)
Recorded live at Black Box Studio with the production skills of Grammy awards-winner David Oldum and the addition of Julien Brunetaud on  piano and Hammond organ and Zeb Heintz on slide guitars and rhythm, 9 achieves a rich, full, magical sound.

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 "The Early Years" (2014)

For the 20th anniversary Awek hes released a double cd limited edition, including "Back to the same place" "Chess session and " Messin with the Blues".

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 Rich & Famous

 "Rich & famous" (2012)
With the guidance of veteran bluesman Mark Hummel, who produced Rich & Famous, and Kid Andersen, who recorded and mixed, the band was able to lay down 16 tracks that capture their signature sound. 
Guest musicians include Mark Hummel on harmonica, Kid Anderson on guitar, and the incomparable Charlie Baty on guitar, all of whom helped make this one of Awek's best CDs to date

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 "It's Rollin'..." (2010)
AWEK with 7 albums and 16 years' experience behind them, spreading the good word of the little blue note, Awek have acquired a strength and maturity worthy of their peers on the other side of the Atlantic. Their musical style is an explosive cocktail, a melting pot of groove and feelings, mingling classicism and originality, passion and soberness, orthodoxy and personal impressions…
Guests : Fred Kaplan, piano / Derek O'Brien, guitare / Kaz Kazanoff, saxophone "

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"Burnin' Wire on South Lamar" (2007)
Their reputation and experience have led the group to Austin, Texas where in April 2007 they recorded with Stuart Sullivan , well-known for his work with Kim Wilson, Jimmy Vaughn etc…) Despite the omnipresence of the Chicago Blues feel, a touch of the West Coast Sound has opened up new avenues for the quartet.
A little help from a few of Austin's musical luminaries such as Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, "Mr Blues Sax" himself and Nick Connely (Delbert McClinton, Fabulous Thunderbirds) on a number of tracks and "Burnin' Wire on South Lamar" can lay claim to being one of the best blues offerings in recent years. .

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"Just Pick up the pieces" (2005) 
This is the first live album,recorded in clubs with a brand
new member on harp : Stephan Bertolino.
The great Awek's sound at least !

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"Messing with the blues"(2004)  
Back to the roots!
This album is a turning point for Awek.
This cd was recorded in a large room (a painter workshop) with no overdub.

Album not available, that you can find on compilation "The Early Years"


"Barber shop" (2001) 
This album is a real studio album handle by producer Thierry Bordier.
With Barber Shop Awek has built “his” sound and a new look.
A turning point in Awek’s story.

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"Chess session" (1998)  
Recorded in April 1998, this CD features several guests alongside the trio.
11 original tracks in the best upbeat Blues style.

 Album not available, that you can find on compilation "The Early Years"


"Back to the same place" (1997) 
Recorded in Toulouse in 1997, with all the spontaeity of a live recording.
50 minutes of pure groove and energy !

Album not available, that you can find on compilation "The Early Years"